Sunday 10 October 2021

 Harmony with LEGO Bricks

If you only buy one jazz book, make it this one!

Can you imagine not only being able to carry a whole repertoire in your head, but to be able to glance at a new chord sequence, and not only remember it instantly, but be able straight away to play it in any key without consciously transposing? Even jam session terrors like Cherokee become as easy as if they only had one chord!

Do you have time to do it any other way? 

Since its  first publication more than a decade ago, Harmony with LEGO bricks has sold thousands of copies around the world and attracted a huge following.

Harmony with Lego bricks is probably the closest you could come to the indispensible teach-yourself text. It helps you to learn a large number of songs, and most important, to play them in every key. Full of good sense.

Andy Hamilton, Wire magazine 

Every musician who succeeds in memorising a large number of chord sequences surely does so in some such way as Conrad Cork  describes in this excellent and thorough book

Lionel Grigson, late professor of harmony, Guildhall School of Music

The cunning of its method, pontentiated by a combination of passion, intelligence, and experience, makes this book an ideal basic text for its subject. Set it beside George Russell's Lydian Chromatic Concept and get to work!

Evan Parker 

The book is available exclusively from Jazz House Records for £20.00 plus £6.00 UK postage. Other postage rates on request.

Conrad Cork: Harmony with LEGO bricks-  325 pages, comb bound

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A pdf version of the book is available from John Elliott:



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